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Ok.... So Your Thinking About Selling Your Home
Here are some great tips to selling your home fast and maybe for even more then you thought!
1. Curb appeal is everything... first impressions go a long way for buyers remembering your home above the others.
Making sure that your yard is manicured and inviting is the key... blooming flowers, grass cut and edged will impress them when they arrive
2. Porches are another big thing that buyers look at, if you have clutter and trash when they walk onto the front porch, chances are they are thinking the rest of the house is not going to look so hot either, keeping the porch clean and swept from debris and maybe even a little chair with a pot of blooming perennials is a quick fix to inviting people into your home. Simple is the best approach.
3. The front door... yes it is important. Make sure that your front door is painted with a fresh coat of paint... it does wonders!
4. The entry way of your home should be clean and sparkling! Neutral color scheme is the very best way to go! No clutter on the floors and just simple decor!
5.Kitchen and baths should be very clean with simple decor and neutral colors, nothing flashy or to colorful.... remember we are trying to appeal to every buyer and personal taste is in the eye of the beholder.If you keep it simple and neutral it will be excepted by more prospective buyers.
6. Living areas, such as bedrooms should have beds made and clothes pick up and put away, simple again is the best policy with neutral colors.
7. Living rooms, dens and dining rooms should be free of clutter... with simple design and again.... a neutral color pallete
8. Garages are garages, but trying to keep them as organized as possible is the best way to show the space.
9. Last but not least....Make sure there are no smells.. pet odors, food odors can be a big turn off for people thinking about buying your (their) home!
a vase with fresh flowers on the kitchen table and a soft smelling candle will almost always let people know their WELCOME... come on in!